How wonderful of our professional pet treat pouch they are !

The recycling of the pet treat pouch

dog treat pouch

pet treat pouch– Easily Carries Pet Toys, Kibble, Treats – Built-In Poop Bag Dispenser 、Waist bag with belt ,shoulder is always popular gift for one new owner of dog 
  • The convenient drawstring securely holds in generous amounts of dog training treats, accessories, and dog toys. Enjoy the easy to clean bright green lining which makes it simple to spot pet treats right when you need them. Perfect for dog training at the park!
  • KEEPS YOU PREPARED – You’ll love the convenient built in dog poop bag holder so your dog waste bags are ready right when you need them. Quickly grab your favorite dog training clicker from one of the 2 convenient d-rings while obedience training with your pup.
  • 3 EASY WAYS TO WEAR – Choose to wear using the removable 48″ adjustable waistband, removable shoulder strap, or strong metal belt clip. Made of lightweight weatherproof nylon fabric that keeps your dog treats dry while on those fun early morning walks with your doggy.
  • STORE YOUR STUFF – Safely store your smartphone, money or keys in the two zippered pouches or front mesh netting while taking a stroll with your doggie. This ultimate dog treat bag has it all!
  • And many designs ,fabris and also the constructions on them ,also can be used in many situations such as the walking ,trainning ,hiking and also many playing ways.It is good tools that u are familar with your own dog and also your new family memeber.
  • Recycaling  have so many advantages for earth and people:Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incineratorsRecycling can help conserve natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals

    It takes less energy to recycle materials than it does to produce them from scratch

    Recycling can help reduce pollution

    Recycling can create jobs in the economy

As As the professional pet treat pouch  manufacturer ,we are glad to tell u there are main fabrics are :durable cordura,recycles fabric like canvas,Nylon and also poly for all dogs daily use.
Now we have many new designs and workable available .Focus on the funcational and recycaling .U can contact us though [email protected] to get more information .


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